I have a dream…

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr have become some of the most famous in history.

I have a dream too.

A dream where most enterprises in private and public sector are adaptive and responsive. Where employees meet change with a positive attitude and willingness. Where the employees have large grade of autonomy, team spirit and deliver great value to the enterprise and the society.

Where responsibility is taken to develop the employees of the future, not only as professionals, but as humans too. Enterprises where it‘s good to work, contributing to a society where it’s good to live.

In my entire career, I’ve been working for this, in different ways. I have educated lots of professionals, as well as improved the Norwegian vocational IT education. I help enterprises wanting apprentices, and evaluate the final apprenticeship exams. I’ve been working for companies helping others to run a company. But the dream is much bigger, it goes much further.

I want to improve the society!

Not because it’s bad, but because it can be even better.

My personal vision is to make companies able to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The world needs leaders to create innovative and adaptive companies, using technology optimally and contributing to develop the workers of tomorrow.

I can help leaders and enterprises to work better and more effectively with an agile, perceived enterprise architecture. To build companies based on human values and principles of putting people first.

I’ve definitely not reached the goal — most likely I never will.

But I don’t give up: I do what I can and what I love, and have come a bit down the road.

Step by step, the world will become a better place — because we deserve it.



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